Fans of PhotoVision

Fans of PhotoVision Contest

Fans of PhotoVision Contest

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11 Responses to Fans of PhotoVision Contest

  1. Susie Kelley says:

    If you are interested in Photography, PHOTOVISION will teach you what you need to know to make better pictures. Every other month a four hour DVD is mailed to you featuring successful photographers who share their tips for making you successful too. If you subscribe now you can receive a $199.99 subscription for $49.00 by using this website.

  2. Linda Paquin says:

    The PHOTOVISION products I have purchased have been consistently high quality. If they say it, they deliver it. However, what impresses me the most is their customer service. Anytime I have had a question they have responded. In my opinion this is where the quality of a business is measured.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Once you purchase a DVD from PHOTOVISION you get updates though e-mail as well a mail. These are great when you have a busy schedule an can’t attend seminars. You can learn a lot of different techniques from other photographers their set ups will surprise you. Some them have a great simplicity to them.

  4. Ray Baca says:

    I enjoy the variety of photographers and the ease of viewing chapters to learn many aspects of photography. I mainly shoot weddings but love watching what the other photographers do. Motivational, educational and informative.
    Keep up the good work…I am a fan!

  5. Peter says:

    Ed is right on target with Photo Vision, but looking a little gray in the middle.

  6. Danielle Goodman says:

    I have been getting photovision pretty much since they began & never grow tired of it!! I can never wait for my subscription to come in the mail! I have a library of Photovision & when I need inspiration or have questions, I can reference my videos. I find myself going back to the old editions often & never grown tired of watching! Thanks Photovision, I feel like you’ve been there each step of my career!

  7. Paul S. Robinson says:

    To me PhotoVision is an extention of my business. In the business of professional photography it is vital to stay ahead of the competition and the videos produced by PhotoVision are a fantastic way for me to learn new lighting and posing techniques. The videos also provide methods to better market the photography services I offer. The cost of the PhotoVision program is worth the price of admission and I look forward to the latest edition with excitement.

  8. Mike Clouse says:

    I love PhotoVision as it inspires me to do more and try new ideas. Being that I am just getting back into photography I would like to see sessions on how to creatively generate some business (Without spending a ton of money that is.). PhotoVision is one of the better learning tools I have found, and that says a lot since I went to school for photography as well. Thanks, Mike

  9. Jeff Hoag says:

    PhotoVision is entertaining and immensely useful. The subjects are well chosen for variety. While they have a definate slant toward helping professional photgraphers, they are not pretentious and cover aspects useful to all skill levels – newbies just getting their feet wet, through seasoned pros just looking to expand their skills and repetoire.

    An excellent investement and tool in every way.

    - JH

  10. Jacques Boucher says:

    PhotoVision is useful. It inspire you to do more and try something new and interesting.

  11. Scott Landwehr says:

    PhotoVision is great! I use it to show my art students how photographer work.

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