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Whatever your workflow the Digital Calibration Targets are the ideal tool for front-end or back-end adjustments for correct exposure and color. The one-shot design has been exclusively field tested with virtually every digital SLR and digital camera back on the market and has been found to work flawlessly with them all. Over 25,000 photographers have chosen our targets to simplify their workflow.

At The Time Of Capture… photograph the target in the same lighting as your primary subject while metering from the center 18% gray panel. Observe the image histogram to be certain no highlight or shadow information is being clipped. If it is, adjust your exposure and check again. Once a proper exposure is achieved, reference the image with the camera’s custom white balance function. Your camera is now set for perfect exposure and white balance to record the scene.

For Post Production… some photographers prefer to simply shoot and fix it on the back-end. Including a target in the scene tremendously speeds up the process and improves the results. Click white balance was once limited to raw capture, now with programs like Adobe’s Lightroom and Aperture, jpeg shooters can also have this advantage. Additionally with the 3-tone target, it is easier to post correct exposures and get your blacks, whites and mid-tones exactly where you want them.

U.S. Patent 7248284


FREE Color Management Instructional DVD is included with each Digital Target. Complete details for using the Targets at the time of capture and for post corrections are contained on the DVD.

"SPOT ON! Easy to use and worth the money. I first saw this used in my friend’s studio and had to get one. It will allow you to achieve spot on skin tones and color balance. The big bonus is the instructional DVD that comes with it. The DVD makes all the difference and makes a purchase I am glad I made." "I Love This. I shoot a lot of weddings and this product really helps. It’s quick and easy to use and with a little practice will give you perfect shots every time so there is almost no post production." "These Digital Targets really work. The kit comes with 3 various sized Targets and a video that easily explains the concept. No need to mess with WB corrections on the back-end if you use the Targets to set your WB. I would totally recommend this product regardless of skill level. They are easy to use and function as promised." "This device can save you a lot of time by getting the picture as close to right as possible the first time with less fiddling in post. I liked it so much I also bought the six inch version for when I’m tavelling light."