Photovision 2011 Brian & Jannie Killan Julie Klaasmeyer Gary & Pam Box Beth Jansen Brian Demint Zach & Jody Gray Mike Fulton & Cody Clinton Joel Grimes Kevin Hudson Boudour Divas Drake Busath Angie Monson Joe Photo Beth Forester Ed Pierce
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PhotoVision 2011
20 Hours Available For Immediate Viewing
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20 Photographers, 20 Hours Available For Immediate Viewing

This recently completed series is available now, in its entirety, on DVD or HD Silverlight streaming. Filmed in 2011, have total access to 37 of the most current tutorials featuring PhotoVision’s Host, Ed Pierce, and the 2011 Correspondents. They will take you into studios and on location with some of the industry’s leading image makers. You’ll see sessions from beginning to end. Tag along on actual weddings. Observe the latest techniques for completing your vision through concise demos on Photoshop and Lightroom, workflow, color management and studio production. Sit in on insider interviews and learn their secrets to success.

6 DVDs – With the DVD option, you will receive all 6 DVDs, mailed out immediately. PhotoVision’s discs will play on any DVD capable MAC or PC and any Blu-Ray or DVD player. Also included on the discs are drag and drop MP4 mobile media files that can be viewed on most currently available mobile phone and tablet devices. This is the right choice for those who prefer a hard copy or who may live in areas with reduced bandwidth speed.

Silverlight Streaming – With the Streaming option, you have the advantage of being able to instantly view anywhere you have a broad band connection. Silverlight’s smart stream recognizes your band width connection and will stream the highest quality video possible, up to HD, without annoying streaming interruptions. This option is available for Mac, PC, Apple and Android phones and tablets as well as many internet capable theater systems.

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