Husband and wife team, Ben & Sara Shirk, started Shirk Photography in their small rural hometown of Wilton, IA. The first 5 years they operated their business out of their home and just recently opened up a new downtown 3600 sq. ft. storefront studio. Named 2011 PPA International Diamond Photographer of the Year and 2011 Top Iowa Nonmaster Photographer, Ben has quickly gained recognition on the national scene. Since buying his first camera a little over 5 years ago, Ben has immersed himself in his art. "I've always been interested in capturing the human form and watching the play of light and dark across a collar bone, a calf muscle, or an elbow. When I discovered photography, I knew I had finally found the median that would satisfy my vision." Shirk is originally self-taught but has refined both his photography and business skills by listening to many great photographers whom he now considers good friends.

As long as he can be creative, Ben will tackle any photography assignment that comes his way. He doesn't consider himself to specialize in a specific type of lighting instead he uses whatever technique he needs in order to reach his final vision. "Everything is a unique experience with it's own challenges and rewards. From babies to sports, I love trying new things." Recently though, he has gained substantial recognition for his sports posters and senior imagery. Each session that Ben photographs is completely unlike the last. He's all about creating something unique and fun and not getting lost in the factory production of images that so many photographers easily fall into. "I never know what I'm going to do for a session or what will happen from moment to moment. I let the client inspire me." This approach has helped set him apart from other photographers and draw clients from far and wide.

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